HUNT Memorial Hospital District in Greenville, TX seeks Medical Technologist - Prfm cmplx mdcl lab tsts 4 dsgn, trtmnt & prvntn of dz. Cndt cmcl anlz of body flds, inc bld, urn or spnl fld 2 dtrmn prsnc of nrml or abnrml cmpnts. Anlz lab fndgs 2 ck accrcy of rslts. Entr data frm anlz of mdcl tsts or clncl rslts n2 cmptr 4 strg. Op8, clbr8 or mntn equip used in quant or qual anlz, such as spctmtrs, calrmtrs, flm phtmtrs or cmptr-cntrld anlzrs. Est or mntr QA prgrms or actvts 2 ensr accrcy of lab rslts. Set up, cln & mtn lab equip. Colct & stdy bld smpls 2 det the # of cells, thr mrphlgy or bld grp, bld tpe or cmptblty 4 trnsfsn psps, usng mcrspc tchqs. Prvd tech info abt tsts rslts to phys, fam mbrs or rsrchrs. Anlz smpls of bio mtrl 4 chem cntnt or reactn. M-F 9a-5p. Req. BS/BA+60mos Exp. Mail ad&resume 4215JoeRamsey Blvd,GreenvilleTX75403.
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PostedJanuary 01, 2017